Small Scale Industries
Small Scale Industries

Small Scale Industries are now becoming very famous in India because we don’t have to work under anyone. Are you looking to establish small scale industries in India? Here we have the top 30 small scale business ideas to establish a new business in India in 2019. All these works can be done with a very small investment to establish your own business in India.

Nowadays working for a large industry is gaining new users towards them. But they pay very less amount of income as they have bundles of application at their doorstep. Moreover, you can easily start a new business on a small scale industry with the given list. Whereas, this business can even take you towards your goal in the future depending on the trend and the work you select. Here are the 50 top small scale industries business ideas in India you can work. Firstly let us talk about the meaning of Small Scale Business.

What is Small Scale Industries Or Small Business?

Small Scale Industries Business are those businesses that require less capital of investment. However, the income will only depend on the work. For example, if you work for a Hair Oil Industry you can get a chance to earn more due to demand. However, the expense of this type of business is less in comparison to large businesses. This business can be done anywhere in any place. It means it does not require any specific land for the setup of the business.

1) Manufacturing Exotic Soap Small Scale Industries

Small Scale Industries
Small Scale Industries

Starting to a low level you need at least 50k Indian Rupee for manufacturing of Soap. Moreover, Indian is a place where people from low backgrounds to High backgrounds use this product daily.

According to the Latest Research, it is believed that only a single Company name Santoor generates 1920 Crore of Profit by selling Soap. This is how you can start the business on a small scale.

You need to give quality to the product. Until you want to stay in a market for the long term. However, you need a lot of marketing towards your product. So if you are ready for a little hard work, in the beginning, you can easily start this Small scale business. The first step is to learn full information regarding the making of Soap. You can learn the process here.

2) Manufacturing Handmade Chocolates Business

Small Scale Industries
Small Scale Industries

Well, Chocolates are the basic need of every child. In India, there are lots of children who are eating chocolates regularly. Moreover, there are Adults also who are in love with chocolates. Here is the business for you to start making chocolates home in a low-level budget.

The tip for making chocolate is given on YouTube. Manufacturing on chocolates does not give you a boost in your business but there are some other varieties you need to give to customers.

From my side, this is a green signal to you guys to start this business and start marketing this business in the tourist places.

Think Practically if will sell these chocolates in cities and villages fewer people will take interest in this thing as popular brands are already taken their place. So better to go to the tourist place like Kerala, Kashmir..etc.

This will give you initially good traffic on your product. You can give a good name to the famous chocolates of Kerala. Like this one can sell and gain more customers.

3) Food Small Scale industriesSmall Scale Industries

You will think the Food business will take more money and time. No so far as I went to Kerela Last year and watch out the food where a tourist is not comfortable with their food. They cook Rice all day and drink warm water.

I know this is good for their health but tourist are not satisfied. So you can start a food business in different states where there are lots of tourists and provide them with all the tasty food.

This will help you to get a good income from the initial stage. Once you got there popular you will make more money and you can expand your business worldwide. This will require only the small place you can take on rent and start the business.

4) Spice Powder BusinessSmall Scale Industries

India has the maximum number of spices and its varieties. One can have their best to make spices powder and sell at the tourist places as well as in their local market.

This business will never end as spices demand will be there for a lifetime. It is nice if you can give a low price at the beginning of your business as you can generate more income than others.

This business will require a little knowledge of making spices into different forms and to convert into powder. Without proper knowledge and taste, the food department will not approve the product.

Spice Powder Business is a lifetime business and can be suitable for everyone. This can also be taken into a brand if you get more income from your product.

5) LIC Agent

Small Scale Industries
Small Scale Industries

This is a perfect small scale business. This will require your marketing skills. However, this business has an only investment of 1000 Indian Rupees.

I was an LIC agent and they provide 35% Commission for the first two years if the policy is been taken under your preference. For example, you get 35000 Rupees Income if you sale the policy of 1 Lac rupee.

All you need to do is to sell as more policy as you can. If you get one big customer for your Policy your monthly income will be fixed and will be a lifetime.

Note:- Commission will go on decreasing if the years will be decreasing. This is a perfect business for small scale Planning.

6) Construction Work

Small Scale Industries
Small Scale Industries

This is the perfect work if you have more friends and family members on your list. Construction work is not you think like it requires zero investment. What you have to do is, every city has a market where there are 1000 workers are gathering for the job.

You can take them to rent and take a good commission from the work. For example, if A wants to do the work of plumber and B is ready for the work, You are C then make the meeting for A and B, C will get a commission in between.

Just bring workers from the local market as in every city you will find one place where there are numerous workers are waiting for the job in the morning time.

7) Tea ShopTea Shop

This is the best way to get more customers. Before I have told you about the LIC agent. Do you know you can do both businesses at the same time? What you need to do is just sell a good and tasty tea, coffee and other foods at a low price.

You will get more customers from it and place a poster on your shop about the policy and mention your details. Once you get regular customers you will get more income from tea Business and then start your marketing plan of LIC policy.

There are many shops which have turn into brands, Khetlapaa, Chai Wai…etc. All of them started with a single shop and now they have turned themselves into brands.

8) Indian Bread Business

This is also a small scale business one can start at a low cost. What you have to do is go to the bakery shop nearby and ask them to put your product into their shop.

Things will be simple if you make advertisements on television, newspaper and other marketing agency. Once you do this then go to the bakery for your product. It will be easy for the shopkeeper to identify your product is legit.

This will require the skill of making bread and machinery cost will be around 20000 Indian rupees. You need to hire a skilled worker for your product and make sure he has enough experience in the field.

This business will help you to make your brand as it has enough potential for making it into a brand. Start selling your Bread in Village areas and then shift to City once you had enough Knowledge.

9) Making Paper Bags

This business in the long term will make you into a brand name. It is simple to start a paper bag business just make yourself to collab with different brands of food packaging. It will help you to make your business grow in the future.

This Business has high demand as in India plastic will be banned in future and Paper bags will take place. Nowadays brands like McDonald’s, Burger King…etc have started selling food into paper bags.

You can easily get a partnership if your product is not harmful and available at a low price. But, big brands will not give you as a partner in their brand at the beginning of your business. So better to start taking place at shops near your place. This will take your product to a big brand.

10) Mobile Cover Manufacturing

This is the best small scale business. Mobile Cover business demand will be there for a lifetime. If your covers are unique and available at a low price you will easily get space in this large mobile industry.

There is huge competition in this market due to heavy demand. However, to get this business into the market you need to deliver your product at a low price. The local price of the market is said to be min 100 rupees for the cover. Try to give less than this price.

It will require a skill to identify best covers and it will require a cost of 50000 Indian rupees including the marketing skills.

11) Incense Stick Business

Incense Stick Business means Agarbatti you call in your language. This business is a hand made business and you can plan at your home. This will generate you more revenue if you start selling Agarbatti at a low price and the Village sector.

Agarbatti has a huge market in India and there are more than 2500 Crore Agarbatti almost used in India every year. Worshiping a god will be for a lifetime. You can start selling stick all over the world.

As nowadays foreign people are also attracted to our Indian Product and Agarbatti is also one of them. You can generate more income if you give more fragrance into your product.

12) Manufacturing Biscuits and other Bakery Items

India is a diverse country and people here are searching for more different things to eat. Biscuit is one of the products which is most sell in India. Children’s here eat more biscuits than anything.

One can start the business of Manufacturing varieties of Biscuits and start selling into a local store. Once you complete this basic step try to take this business to a big store like Big Bazaar and D-mart. This will increase your revenue and you will take place in the market.

13) Start Your WebsiteOpen A Website

Starting your website will hardly cost you 5000 rupees. One can also start making their website for free. All you need to do is go on YouTube you will get numerous videos related to this topic.

Start making your website it is very easy and some products are even free of cost. Proper keyword research and backlinks are very necessary for this business. You need to make a proper website and apply for google AdSense approval. This will generate more revenue from advertisements.

This is the best small scale business and in 2020 and more you will have to take place somewhere in the online field. Upcoming days will be the days of online earning and people will be more dependent on this field.

You can start multiple businesses like LIC Agent, Manufacturing of Agarbatti and Website Development. All this business will be at the home place and can start together.

14) Insurance Agent

Insurance agent, LIC Agent, all this business can be started at the same time. Insurance agent gets the maximum benefit of commission.

What you have to do is start making your profile on different platforms like Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook and start making friends in your local area. Once you get more followers you can join any insurance company like Oriental Insurance Company. You will get 10% commission on each year.

This is also a small scale business without any investment. You need to pass an examination if you want to take its agency. It is easy as I had personally given this business and with no preparation, I had cleared this exam.

15) Application Making Small Scale Industries

Application building is one of the largest growing industries all over the world. Once you get famous for a specific application you will generate a lot of revenue for a lifetime.

All you need to do is go to an app developer and start working on a particular niche. You will have to do a lot of marketing on the initial day and the best way to promote is from Facebook ads and Instagram ads to generate more traffic.

This will require a minimum budget of 30K INR including the marketing cost. The application developer will charge you 10K-15K depending on your quality of business.

Remember, In India nowadays the Face app has become more popular for generating Old pictures. Tik Tok is also one of the popular applications. Likewise, you can also work on a particular topic and can make money.

Note:- Suggestion of this Online Income is Due to the trend. People nowadays will work more on Online Fields and there will be a time when everyone will have someplace in this field. Better to start according to the trend. Work with technology and trend.

16) Banana Chips Manufacturing Unit

Nowadays eating different varieties of food has become more popular in India. Start making Banana chips production unit for more income. In India every year different people are having Fast. Fast people eat Banana chips and different items which have no Salt.

Making Banana chips and selling them into your local market will help you to generate more revenue. Once your sales start increasing, expand your business into a large scale industry.

In the beginning, you can join any Banand Manufacturing unit for 15-20 days and see their work. This will help you to learn new ideas and get more knowledge by practical. However, you can also join any local store if you want to learn the banana manufacturing process.

17) Tooth Paste Manufacturing

In this world almost every person uses Toothpaste. Working in a toothpaste industry will generate more revenue in the long term. This is a small scale business but needs a lot of hard work.

You need to plant a unit for manufacturing of Toothpaste and need a lot of marketing towards your image. Colgate was started before many years and it took them 5 years to grown in the market.

Nowadays there are lots of brands working for this product. If you want proper detail regarding it you have to go to a Mall or a Super Store. You will get all the details regarding your product and its competition. The best way to attract more customers for this business is Television and different hoarding in Village areas.

18) Stationery Items

Stationery Business is also the largest growing and all-time business. People will never stop buying Items related to Stationary and this will be the largest business in upcoming days. Pens and books are sold throughout the world.

All you need to do is contact every stationary shop throughout the country and ask them to sell your product. This will be easy for you if they sell your product you will start making money from these small scale industries.

However, marketing in every business is there whether you go for small scale industries or large scale industries. You need customers to generate income if you want to create a brand for yourself.

19) Tooth Pick Business

The demand for Toothpick items which is almost used by every person throughout the world is getting increased over time. Start this business as its initial cost is very low and you can earn a good amount of income from this product.

Nowadays most of the restaurant is using this product after the food. But still, there are small restaurants which are not aware of a toothpick. You can search for these hotels and ask them to use your services.

20) Cake Shop Cake Shop Business

Baking Cake is nowadays a most demanding business. As people in this young generation are using cakes to celebrate birthday parties. So it is a great opportunity for you to make money from this business.

All you need to do is start learning how to make a cake and try them at your home at the initial level. You can take a shop on rent and start selling them on local. Try to keep different types of cake ready for customers.

This will help you to generate more customers in the initial days. However, you need at least 1 lac rupee for this business in the initial days. After getting more customers once you can make a brand name into all different states and cities.

21) School Vehicle Business

This is the perfect business. If you don’t have enough money for buying a car one can take a car on rent if you got enough customers for the services. The initial investment will be zero if you get a car for rent and the income you generate for the first month you can pay the rent.

This is a simple concept but requires the marketing of your services. Once you got enough customers for this cab service you can expand your business like OLA and UBER. They keep on increasing the number of users and cabs on their brand name.

School Vehicle business is a hard work business and requires a marketing skill. Take steps only you can work on time. Because time is very necessary for this business. You need to be active to keep students on time at their home and take them from home.

22) Home Made Clothes Small Scale Industries

This type of business is very demanding and there for a lifetime. You can start making clothes at your home. It requires minimum investment but skill is requirements if you want to grow your business.

You can start making clothes for youth and sell them online also. This business has very good potential for selling products online.

If you want to work for any brand it has also good scope. What you have to do is join any brand like Meesho who gives several products from different shops and register on their site. You need to share products on a different social media platform and can generate a good amount of income.

Young people especially students who are doing part-time goes with this type of business on a small scale. Once they had enough money they go with their brand and style of clothing.

23) Project Making for Students Small Scale Industries

This business has taken place more widely especially among students. I know a shop which makes income like this they earn a revenue of more than 3 lac rupees per month.

What you have to do to take a shop on rent. Learn how to build projects related to engineering and other fields. Whenever there is last year market your products in local and make project for them.

I had given 5000 rupees for making a boat that can separate oil and water. This way you can earn money if you get more students. Don’t worry about sales once you enter into the market you will get income automatically. Students will contact you as soon as you become famous for their project.

24) Soda Shop Small Scale Industries

India is a country where after having dinner people use to drink Soda for digestion of food. This is the best opportunity for generating income from this step.

The soda business is very popular among city areas. Where you can take a shop on rent and start delivering soda from your shop to customers. This will increase your revenue and after you can make the brand as Gandhi Soda.

One can earn as much income if he or she thinks to enter into a global market. Taking a step is very important rather than thinking. Soda Shop business can be taken on a large scale easily and you will not need any marketing for your shop. Better to open a soda shop in front of popular restaurants.

25) Saree Small Scale Industries

Small ScaleSelling Saree at home is now a day Indian Ladies are preferring. What next is, you can ask a shop to give Saree and you need to sell than to your friends and family members. If you are leaving in a village area then go with the low budget Saree and sell them.

Village ladies will easily purchase this item. I have seen when I go to my village, ladies show Saree to different people and they earn good revenue from this source. One can start any other business listed here and can do this as a part-time job.

In India, if you are starting a business in Village better to keep a price range of 400-500 rupees at the beginning time. After you get enough experience you can expand your business and even try to make it a brand.

26) Perfume Shop Small Scale Industries

Start Perfume Business

I would suggest you start this business if you are not having anything else to do. This business has more income than any other business listed above. You can take a shop on rent and start selling perfume bottles.

You can make a combo of some products like Perfume, cloths, wallets, watches..etc. In Initial days this business will be less popular but after all your popularity will be grown and you will make a place in the market in very little time.

This business requires space for a shop and an investment of about 50000 Indian Rupees. You can easily start this business and make sure to take the phone number of customers who visit your shop. You can share this product on social media on Whatsapp.

27) Festival Business

In Indian, many festivals are coming every month. You can take this opportunity and start a business. For example, if Diwali comes you can buy firecrackers in the wholesale and sell them into the market. You will easily get customers on it.

There will be multiple times you will get earning in a very short period and this is the only business where you can earn lac of rupee in a single day.

For example, at the time of MakarSharkanti, you can start selling kites and if the kites are not sold you can easily send it back to the seller. This is the best business opportunity of making money in a very short period.

28) Selling Photos

Selling photos by clicking on your DSLR camera is nowadays a common thing in the market. People use to click photos related to nature and many other things and sell them in the global market.

Do you know, there is an online shop where you can sell photos online and can even make more than 2000$ per month. This is a reality all you need to do is click photos best from nature. You need a DSLR which will be the cost of 50000 Rupees depending on your brand selection.

You can also get the camera at a low price but the clarity if a client buys your photo should be clear. Once you get popular, Brands will automatically contact you fro their pictures like News sites need most of the pictures for their sites.

29) Pan Shop Small Scale Industries

This is the business which has been running for a long time ago and will be running for many years. Pan shop is the business where you need a small shop and make delicious Pan and sell them to customers.

Once you become popular there will be people coming to eat your food daily. I know a shop who is selling Fire Pan, Ice Cream Pan, and many other different varieties of Pan. You need to keep delivering varieties to customers to achieve engagement for your shop.

Pan Shop requires an investment of 5000 Rupees only and can be started in City areas. Some businesses like Selling Photos, Lic Agent and Insurance agent can be done in the Pan shop.

30) No knowledge BusinessSmall Scale Industries

Well, some people don’t have any money for starting a business and make money. They can also start a business related to the online field. There is some work like freelancing, Fiverr, as well as there is Captcha typing work available for you.

You will get 5$ per 1000 CAPTCHA typing. Likewise, there are numerous opportunities you need to know and work in the field of online. Nowadays making a website is also an easy task you need not have to be educated for it.

You can also share an application that gives refer an earn option. Moreover, one can easily make money from the IQ option as well. This is the business that requires a little knowledge and a smartphone to start up.


I hope you like this article- small scale industries if so you can share this article with your friends and with your loved ones to get more business ideas with very less investment. All business ideas are available on youtube, you can briefly check out any of these ideas to get more and clear information.










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